Tired of endless staff rota spreadsheets, production bottlenecks or unexpected operational pressures? Akita can give you an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, delivered in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

An ERP will help plan every step of your organisation. It can replace separate software running finance, operations, supply chains and human resources information with a single amalgamated system, providing better insight in the process. Organisations can use an ERP to:

  • Plan their every move, from products to staff.
  • Increase the efficiency of operations.
  • Locate all customer and case information from a single place available across all devices.
  • Track progress and profitability of operations.

Why Use an ERP?: Key features & benefits

Nine out of ten companies using an ERP system say that it has improved some or all of their processes. Areas of operation that can benefit from an ERP include:


An ERP can deliver a real-time overview of your business’ finances wherever you are. From automating daily tasks to generating status reports, an ERP can simplify how your business manages its cash flow to support operations and maximise profit.


Improve communication, automate processes, and track the processing of orders with always up-to-date information. Use Dynamics 365 to find production bottle necks and predict resource shortfall, then make adjustments to improve operations before problems arise.

Supply chain

From a single stock room to a chain of warehouses, keep track of your products and all their movements. Get an overview of all activities from a single dashboard and get up-to-the-moment business intelligence on your stock levels.

Human resources

Manage company data and simplify employee management tasks like payroll and talent acquisition. You can also track employee performance and identify HR problems before they arise, improving employee retention.

Microsoft Business Central

Along with custom Dynamics 365 ERPs, Microsoft provide an out-of-the-box ERP solution called Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Business Central is designed to be able to support most business operations within minimal customisation. Business Central supports the following areas:

Discover more about Business Central here

Business Central

Why choose Akita to implement your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP?

  • Akita has developed complete ERP solutions for a wide range of businesses including the most demanding customers - ourselves!
  • Our team has a strong understanding of how Dynamics 365's functionality can work for your business operations.
  • Full integration of relevant applications and software, including accounting packages and applicant tracking systems.
  • Choose from either hosted CRM or a traditional server solution, depending on your requirements.
  • Bespoke customisation from our Dynamics experts, saving time and money on installation.

To discover more about a Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution, or for more reason about why use an ERP, please get in touch.

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