Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales provides advanced intelligence that helps turn more leads into business.

Use a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales solution to manage leads and sales pipelines in a streamline and more efficient way.

From first contact through to sale, track all prospect interactions and help to move potential customers through the sales funnel faster with an effective CRM.

For managers, Dynamics 365 can help provide a comprehensive and accurate view of potential revenue pipeline, and can also be used to monitor the performance of sales teams.

 Dynamics 365 for Sales Capabilities

  • Generate insight
    Make sense of data with simple to understand reporting and actionable insights. Dynamics 365 makes it easy to record and track all aspects of customer relationships, allowing your sales team to engage your customers and prospects on their interests and priorities.
  • Manage customers
    Automate your engagement processes to shorten your sales cycle, reducing costs in the process. Dynamics 365 for Sales is easy and intuitive to use, meaning your team can manage prospect and contact information with ease.
  • Track performance
    Track historic and real-time sales data to predict upcoming trends or help focus sales efforts.

 Dynamics 365 for Sales Benefits

  • Grow your business
    Use data to better understand customers and increase revenue.
  • Focus your goals
    Discover where to direct your attention, from industry segments to specific accounts.
  • Drive conversion
    Reduce the selling cycle and close deals faster.

How we can help with Dynamics 365 for sales

We can deliver a sales CRM solution that's designed to meet the challenges of your business. We'll spend time getting to know the structure, processes and challenges of both your sales team and management. We'll then create a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution that meets the needs of both of these groups.

For sales teams, we can help simplify the lead management process, while also adding advanced functionality such as prospect communication tracking. For management, we can create  dashboards and reports with simple visual representations of sales performance, predicted revenue and historic trends.

Got an existing sales CRM that's no longer fit for purpose? We can upgrade old Microsoft Dynamics examples to perform as you need them to, or migrate your organisation from another CRM brand to Dynamics 365.

Discover how Akita has implemented a Dynamics 365 sales solution that simplifies account management, view our case study.

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales, or to request a free demo, please get in touch.

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