Whether it’s a new project, an outsourced project that’s gone awry, or an in-house project that needs additional support, Akita can help bring your Microsoft Dynamics 365 aims to fruition.

It's estimate that 1 in 5 CRM implementations fail. The state of failure ranges from total unsuccessful implementation, inability to integrate key programs, or development costs far exceeding original estimates. Frequently, failure is the result of poor project management. Thus when undertaking a CRM or ERP project, it's both important and cost-effective to ensure you have the best possible management for your works. This is where we can assist.

Whether it’s a new Dynamics 365 installation or additional silo development for an existing setup, our team of experiences engineers and consultants can deliver effective Dynamics 365 project management.

From initial consultancy through to configuring additional integrations, our experience in implementing Dynamics 365 projects make us a great project partner.

We can create a strategy for the delivery of your project following Microsoft’s ‘Sure Step’ methodology, ensuring your project is delivered efficiently, to deadline, on budget, and with minimal (if any) disruption to your operations.

Finishing the development of a new Dynamics 365 instance is only the beginning however.

Going live with Dynamics 365

When you’re ready, Akita ensure you’re comfortable using Dynamics 365. This can include engagement and training with senior management, either to teach them how to get the information they want or setup the automatic reports and data visualisations they require.

As part of project management, we can also run staff training sessions. Held either onsite or remotely (useful for regional offices), we can give employees the right level of knowledge and access required for their roles.

Project Management

Post-delivery, our service can continue with Prescheduled General Maintenance (PGM) visits that offer a regular structured review of your current setup in line with your long-term strategic plans. PGM visits can also be used for minor maintenance tasks that help prevent bigger problems in the future, or scoping for the delivery of new Dynamics 365 silos and integrations.

To discuss project management and how we could help your Dynamics 365 project run smoothly, please get in touch:

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Preparing for Dynamics 365
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