Custom apps now come with affordable price tags, thanks to Microsoft PowerApps from Akita.

What is Microsoft PowerApps?

PowerApps is a solution that allows for the custom creation of mobile applications in a fast and efficient way. Apps can be designed to simplify common business tasks, helping to increase the productivity of your organisation.

PowerApps can be linked to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook 365 or SharePoint 365 to allow data to flow between apps and these platforms. Utilising your business data, there’s no limit to the mobile app solutions that can be created.

Benefits of PowerApps

The PowerApps solution simplifies the design and creation of apps. Benefits of working with PowerApps include:

  • Flexible – Runs on a variety of devices including phones, tablets and PCs
  • Customisation - Can be designed to organisational specifications and include branding and company styling
  • Fast development – Apps can be turned around quickly
  • On- and offline – Solutions can work with or without an internet connection
  • Cost-effective – Solutions are a much cheaper proposition than standard custom coded apps

While linking to Outlook or Dynamics 365 can increase organisational benefits, PowerApps does not require either solution to run and can operate as a standalone product.

Possible uses of PowerApps

PowerApps is a flexible solution that can deliver solutions including:

  • Visitor sign-in & virtual receptionist
  • Lead capture solution for events
  • Activity checklists for field service workers
  • Production & manufacturing monitoring solutions

Discover how we have used Microsoft PowerApps to deliver a fleet management solution.

How we can assist you with Microsoft PowerApps

We can deliver custom PowerApps solutions for your organisation. We’ll review the way your organisation works, then create a tailored solution that meets your requirements.

We can then create a sync between your PowerApps solution and your chosen data source, whether that’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 or another platform. We then carefully test the solution to ensure it will work as you want it to in the field.

Apps can also be fully branded to fit with your organisation’s branding or website.

For more information about PowerApp solutions please get in touch.

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