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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based application that brings together all of the required software functionality needed to successfully manage and monitor nearly every form of business operations.

Dynamics 365 functionality covers practically every job function and one of the biggest benefits  is it’s ability to draw together data from all parts of an organisation. This allows you as the user to get a better view of how one area of operations impacts another, providing a much better picture of a business as a whole.

No matter what your industry, Dynamics 365 help generate new efficiencies and benefits to the way you operate. It does this by acting as a central platform for all of your organisation’s key information. Dynamics also introduces uniform workflows and processes for all users to follow making day-to-day operations easier. To understand Dynamics 365 key features please watch the video.

Why use Microsoft Dynamics 365?

As a CRM or ERP platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 holds a wide range of benefits when compared to competitors. These include:

  • Professional – Serves organisations ranging from sole users to 100,000+ employees
  • Longevity – Dynamics has existed since 2001, making it a mature and highly-tested platform
  • Cloud hosted – Accessible on all devices and anywhere, without putting a strain on your internal IT
  • Secure – Hosted in Microsoft’s data centres, Dynamics 365 has top of the line security and reliability
  • Scalable – Microsoft Dynamics 365 can grow with your business: add new modules, integrate software and increase functionality as you need to

Unlike other CRM and ERP platforms, all of Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities are well developed. This means it will provide as professional a solution for your sales department as your HR team. Dynamics 365’s uses can also be tailored to be a better fit for each department, thanks to the high level of customisation possible.

And using solutions such as Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be deployed and developed more cheaply than you might think.

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Solutions for every organisation

By choosing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution with Akita, you’ll be sure to get exactly what’s right for your organisation.

Dynamics 365’s modular silos and software integration capabilities mean that every installation can be tailored to your specifications and requirements.

There’s tried and proven solutions already available for Dynamics 365 to assist with common business requirements, ranging from operations through to customer services. And with millions of configuration options possible, scope for using Dynamics 365 is practically unlimited.

There are two broad uses of Dynamics 365 organisations can consider:

What is a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)?

A CRM solution is designed to enable organisations to communicate more effectively with customers and candidates. A well-structured CRM, adopted in the right way, can enhance the effectiveness of sales and marketing activities and support more efficient organisational processes.

What is an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)?

An ERP solution integrates with and helps manage finance, supply chain, operations, reporting and HR activities and work flows. An ERP installation can be the central nervous system of your organisation, coordinating all aspects of business and ensuring they all move together in the right direction.

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